I have started the practice of theatre direction since the year 2008.

My first work as a director was ‘Amader Dana Nei’ (We Have No Wings), a Street Play that depictED the horrific effects of terrorism on child psychology in India.

Then in the year 2009 I ventured towards proscenium theatre in my second directorial venture, ‘Towards A Dream City’, a hindi play, that I had myself written, based on “El Dorado”, a film by Carlos Saura.
To gain more experience in theatre direction I assisted eminent theatre director Mr. Suman Mukhopadhyay, in the production of ‘Mephisto’.


In 2016 I had the great experience to Direct a Grand Musical Event ‘Bombay Meri Jaan’ Staged at Najrul Mancha, to celebrate World Music Day, Conducted By Sourendra- Soumyajit, the eminent musical duo.

The event showcased more than a 100 dancers/Actors/Singers on stage at a time.